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When your dog needs to do its business, it becomes our business, as pet owners, to use environmentally-friendly products! So, make way for the Aventura dispenser! Made almost entirely of threads (and not of plastic!), how the dispenser is crafted already hints at fun and adventure: woven on a backstrap loom, South American weavers can bring their creations on the go, inside or outside, while looking after their children or travelling to market places. You’ll certainly fall in love with the work done by our team in Mexico, all while loving and saving our planet!

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1 review for Chim

  1. Jess

    Love how you can put a second bag role once your first is running low. The shade of blue works soo well to identify who’s leash is who’s? The only thing is that the hooks that came with it were not strong enough/big enough and broke. We did replace it with a different one.

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