Old is Beautiful: Celebrating Adopt A Senior Pet Month

Old is Beautiful: Celebrating Adopt A Senior Pet Month

As if the holidays weren’t already exciting enough, did you know that November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month?!

Senior pets are just as wonderful and deserving of loving families as kittens and puppies. Most people who want to adopt a new pet go to a shelter or rescue looking for an adorable kitten or puppy to bring home, but senior pets need homes, too. If you’re considering adopting a new family member for the holidays, think about how many fantastic reasons there are to adopt an older pet.

Many people are either unaware of the rewards of adopting an older pet or adamantly refuse to consider it, but older pets are fantastic companions. For instance, one of the most common reasons for a puppy to be given back to a shelter is because they have outgrown their estimated size. Senior pets are full grown and have already developed personalities. All of this means you know what you’re getting.

By adopting a senior pet, not only will you avoid cleaning your carpet and furniture, but their eagerness to rest in your lap and snuggle will make them even more charming. With age, this becomes an important mark of distinction from younger pets. In other words, if you adopt a senior pet, you’ll be stuck with lots of love!

So, before you take home another furry friend from the shelter who’s still fairly young and full of energy, probably in need of lots of training, consider giving an older one a nice place to live for his or her twilight years. It’s important to remember that just because they’re older, their life isn’t any less valuable than anyone else’s, and they can still provide so much love.

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