Meet the Makers



There’s something unexplainably special about holding an item made by hand, especially the expert hands of artisans who have spent generations perfecting their craft.

When we started Ta ib, we knew we wanted it to be so much more than “just a dog collar” company. We wanted to use this brand as a platform to help others just as much as our furry friends have helped us, but at first, we weren’t sure what that meant.

It has been an unbelievable blessing to work with the incredible women from Mayan communities that we partner with, who create the unique and beautifully handcrafted dog collars, camera straps, blankets, and more that you can find in our store. These incredible women pour generations of passion and tradition into their work, and to be able to share their work with the world while also making a positive impact on their lives is, to us, what makes Ta ib such a special brand.

Not only are these products brilliantly colorful and absolutely stunning, partnering with Mayan artisans provides a livable wage to women who are typically economically disadvantaged, so it gives them a steady income to help support their families and their communities while also helping preserve and celebrate the long-honored artisanal techniques and beauty of their culture.

We wanted to share just a little more about the incredible women that create Ta ib products, so we invite you into this space as we launch this series that we’re so excited to share with you: MEET THE MAKERS. Here, we will share the stories of all of the Makers that we partner with, so keep an eye on this page to learn more about all of the wonderful Makers communities we work with.

Santo Tomás Jalieza is a beautiful little town outside of Oaxaca, Mexico, and is best known as “the town of belts,” named for all of the master backstrap loom artisans that live there.

Eustacia, the matron of the Mendoza family, has taught all of the women in the Mendoza family from a young age to use this unique loom, and she learned to weave from her own mother. All of the women of the family start to learn this trade when they are as young as four years old. Eustacia works with her family and several other artisans in the area in a co-op that ensures a fair price and low competition for all of the area’s weavers.

Eustacia Antonio Mendoza weaving handcrafted dog accessories
Eva Irais Mendoza Antonio weaving handcrafted dog accessories

Each of the pieces that the Mendoza family weaves is unique because each artisan brings their own personal touch to their work. They create from a place of love and creativity, and each master brings their memories, stories, and art style into their pieces. This personal touch and artistry is what makes Ta ib collars much more than just a dog accessory, but a wearable work of art for your favorite furry friends.


You can learn more about the Mendoza family and their artistic process here

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