How to tell if your dog has allergies

How to tell if your dog has allergies

It’s official, spring has sprung! This time of year can trigger allergies in many of us, our immune system can overreact to the environmental changes that come with a new season. Our bodies’ overreaction to something new in the environment is what causes seasonal allergies. Just like us, our furry best friends can experience seasonal allergies. Pay attention to these symptoms if you think your dog might have allergies.

  1. Red, watery eyes and discharge
    If you notice your dogs’ eyes are red in combination with discharge this could be a sign of an allergic reaction. Just like how many people with seasonal allergies find themselves with irritated watery eyes, dogs can experience similar symptoms.
  2. Red, stinky ears
    An ear infection in your dog can be linked to allergies. If you notice redness and odors coming from your dogs’ ears this can definitely be a sign of a seasonal allergy.
  3. Scratching
    If you notice your dog is itching more than normal, this could be a sign of a sensitivity to pollen. Environmental triggers can result in skin irritation in your pet, if you suspect the itching is increasing be sure to talk to your vet about a potential allergy.

If you suspect your furry best friend has seasonal allergies we encourage you to reach out to your vet who can assist you in properly diagnosing your pet. As the season changes, be sure to look out for changes in your dog as well. Paying attention and monitoring potential symptoms can help your vet provide the proper diagnosis.

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