Camping with your pup; tips and tricks

girl and dog wrapped up sharing a cozy blanket in a tent

Camping with your pup; tips and tricks

Photo by Chantael

Tips for bringing your dog camping

We’ve got 5 camping tips for you and your best friend :

1. Plan ahead: it might seem fun to be spontaneous at the moment, but planning ahead ensures that you and your dog have a safe and enjoyable experience.

2. Never leave your dog unattended: never leave your dog unattended while traveling or while camping; it’s the most fun to bring them everywhere anyways.

3.Bring lots of toys: whether it is to keep them occupied for most of the day or it is to calm them down in moments of uncertainty, bringing lots and lots of toys is important.

4. Pack a pet first aid kit: the campsite may be far from a vet so staying prepared with the essentials for minor pet injuries is so important.

5. Keep them protected from the elements: lots of water for the hot day and a perfect blanket for a cool night are a must on any camping trip with your pup.

Keeping them protected from the elements; we’ve got the solution!

We’ve got the perfect solution for your pup to enjoy all these precious moments while warm and cozy during those cold summer nights.

Our blankets crafted in Peru are not only soft and cozy but also the perfect size for any dog. We offer a variety of colors that you can choose from making these sweet moments warm and fashionable.

The camping cuddles with your best friend just got a whole lot better!

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