National Black Dog Day

When you look at their smiling faces, it’s hard to imagine anyone passing over a gorgeous black dog when they’re considering adoption. Unfortunately, the truth is that black dogs suffer from the same problems that black cats do. This makes it less likely for them to be adopted, and many shelter volunteers and employees report […]

Dog Collars and Accessories Handcrafted in Mexico: The Artisans of Santo Tomás Jalieza

Dog lovers who want only the finest handcrafted accessories for their dogs need to look no further than the artisans who live along Mexico’s cobblestone streets. The artisans of Santo Tomás Jalieza handcraft a variety of quality textiles, and we’ve commissioned them to create a line of canine accessories exclusively for Ta ib. This includes […]

Camping with your pup; tips and tricks

Tips for bringing your dog camping We’ve got 5 camping tips for you and your best friend : 1. Plan ahead: it might seem fun to be spontaneous at the moment, but planning ahead ensures that you and your dog have a safe and enjoyable experience. 2. Never leave your dog unattended: never leave your […]


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