9 Tips To Be A Responsible Dog Owner

Hundreds of thousands of dogs get sick, injured, and lost every year due to preventable causes. As dog owners, we strive to give our dogs the best life possible. We also make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes can be detrimental to our dog’s health and safety and the safety of others. In honor of Responsible […]

4 Ways To Keep Your Dog Calm During Firework Celebrations

There are many events and holidays celebrated around the world that include fireworks in their celebrations. While many of us enjoy a good firework display, many dogs would rather skip the celebration because of the loud sounds. If your dog is anxious around fireworks, there are several things you can do to make the night […]

10 Awesome Things To Do With Your Pet This Summer

For many of us, summer is approaching quickly! And with the warm weather comes a plethora of fun activities we can do with our pets that we wouldn’t be able to do during the rest of the year. Today, we are sharing 10 awesome things you can do with your pet to make the most […]

How to tell if your dog has allergies

It’s official, spring has sprung! This time of year can trigger allergies in many of us, our immune system can overreact to the environmental changes that come with a new season. Our bodies’ overreaction to something new in the environment is what causes seasonal allergies. Just like us, our furry best friends can experience seasonal […]

Misconceptions about Adopting

There is no shortage of incredible, adoptable animals ready to find a new home. The reality is, the many misconceptions about adoption weigh heavily on those considering to adopt their newest family member. If you or someone you know is considering adopting, we recommend continuing reading to discover the top 3 misconceptions about adopting. You […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know Are Toxic to Dogs

Did you know over 100,000 dogs are poisoned unintentionally every year? There are so many things in your own home that may be poisonous to your dog. In honor of National Poison Prevention Week, we are sharing 10 things you probably didn’t know are toxic to dogs. We will discover common household items and foods […]

Try These Recipe Favorites for National Dog Biscuit Day!

January is coming to an end, which means it’s already almost February, the month of Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, and one of our favorites around Ta Ib… NATIONAL DOG BISCUIT DAY!! Coming up on February 23, National Dog Biscuit Day is the perfect day to let your fluffy four-legged friend enjoy a couple of extra snacks and what […]

6 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe and Warm On Winter Walks

Taking your dog for a walk is a fantastic way to get some exercise and fresh air, but it’s critical to keep them safe throughout the winter months. We’re located in Canada, so it can get to be pretty cold here (while it varies by region, we’re talking -15° C). One of the biggest concerns for dog owners during […]

Today is National Mutt Day!

Today is a day to celebrate mutts who are as sweet and cute as can be! If you have a mutt, take some time today to show them off. And if you don’t have a mutt, it’s never too late to go out and get one of these adorable pups. Today is the perfect day […]

Old is Beautiful: Celebrating Adopt A Senior Pet Month

As if the holidays weren’t already exciting enough, did you know that November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month?! Senior pets are just as wonderful and deserving of loving families as kittens and puppies. Most people who want to adopt a new pet go to a shelter or rescue looking for an adorable kitten […]

National Black Dog Day

When you look at their smiling faces, it’s hard to imagine anyone passing over a gorgeous black dog when they’re considering adoption. Unfortunately, the truth is that black dogs suffer from the same problems that black cats do. This makes it less likely for them to be adopted, and many shelter volunteers and employees report […]

Dog Collars and Accessories Handcrafted in Mexico: The Artisans of Santo Tomás Jalieza

Dog lovers who want only the finest handcrafted accessories for their dogs need to look no further than the artisans who live along Mexico’s cobblestone streets. The artisans of Santo Tomás Jalieza handcraft a variety of quality textiles, and we’ve commissioned them to create a line of canine accessories exclusively for Ta ib. This includes […]

Camping with your pup; tips and tricks

Tips for bringing your dog camping We’ve got 5 camping tips for you and your best friend : 1. Plan ahead: it might seem fun to be spontaneous at the moment, but planning ahead ensures that you and your dog have a safe and enjoyable experience. 2. Never leave your dog unattended: never leave your […]