Handcrafting collars

for the adventurer in you and your dog


Handicrafts are deeply rooted in me as a person. When I was young, I used to sell friendship bracelets I made myself. This was an initiative of mine to help and contribute to non-profit organizations that raise funds for various projects for children in Quebec. Seeing how people appreciated the bracelets really pulled at my heartstrings. And now I wanted to bring the same feeling to your beloved dogs.

If you’re reading this, that means you have a dog yourself or you know someone who owns a dog. Either way, it seems we have something in common. About 9 years ago, my first dog Matheo came into my life. He was a stray dog and I wanted him to have the same lives other dogs experience with other families, so he became a part of our family ever since. During my years of stay at Playa del Carmen, Mexico was when I adopted my second furry friend, Copito (Spanish word for snowflake). I knew we all had something in common, the three of us. We’re all hungry for adventure so I decided to make accessories that represent just that.

Travel, dogs, and craftsmanship are three of the things that shape my individuality as a person. This led me to work as a flight attendant 3 years ago. Every time I visit a foreign country, I never cease to forget going to the crafts market and adore the brimming culture inside every piece. But above all that I’ve seen, Mexico’s crafts and culture hold a special place in my heart and I want to share it with the rest of the world.

With this goal in mind, I’ve created the Ta Ib collection inspired by the arts and crafts of the great Mayan civilization. Making every piece by hand, your dog will certainly know that the collar is one-of-a-kind. Allow room for your dog’s individuality to flourish through handcrafted collars made by wonderful women of the Mayan communities in Mexico.

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