10 Awesome Things To Do With Your Pet This Summer

10 Awesome Things To Do With Your Pet This Summer

For many of us, summer is approaching quickly! And with the warm weather comes a plethora of fun activities we can do with our pets that we wouldn’t be able to do during the rest of the year. Today, we are sharing 10 awesome things you can do with your pet to make the most out of your summer! 

Before we dive into this article, we want to remind you that every dog is different. Some activities we mention require a lot of physical effort or involve being around other people. You know your dog best. If they won’t appreciate going on a hike or being at a festival with large crowds, it won’t be a good idea to put them in those situations. We also want to note that if you plan on taking your dog some place like a campground or baseball park, call and make sure pets are allowed. Every establishment has different rules, and it is important to respect them. 

Now that we got that out of the way, we can get into the 10 awesome things to do with your pet this summer. 

Paddle Boarding

If your dog likes water, paddle boarding can be a terrific way to spend a hot summer day. Paddle boarding is an activity in which you paddle yourself across the water while on a paddleboard or surfboard. If your dog has never experienced anything like this before, you will need to do some training to make sure your dog understands the concept of paddle boarding. After some practice, you and your dog will be on the water enjoying this unique experience. 

girl and dog wrapped up sharing a cozy blanket in a tent


Taking your dog camping can be such an exciting experience for both you and your dog. Camping differs greatly from what most typical house dogs experience and, therefore, can be very enriching. Exploring the outdoors, discovering unfamiliar smells, sitting by a campfire, and sleeping outside can be very exciting for dogs that aren’t used to doing those things. Camping is also a great way to just let your dog be a dog and do “dog things”.


Hiking can be very beneficial to both you and your dog and shares similar values of camping. Your dog gets a good workout, they discover unfamiliar smells (which is very exciting for dogs as they experience things through smell), and they get to let loose and enjoy themselves. You get a good workout, maybe enjoy a nice view, and appreciate the surrounding nature. Unlike your dog, however, hopefully, you won’t be discovering many new smells! 


Every summer, there are thousands of festivals planned to take place. Whether they are organized to celebrate a specific person or group of people, raise money, or honor a historic event, festivals can be so much fun to attend! Most festivals are outdoors and allow pets to attend. Taking your dog to a festival can be fun, but it isn’t for every dog. Festivals have hundreds, if not thousands, of people attending. If your dog isn’t very friendly or gets nervous around other people, taking them to a festival probably wouldn’t be a good idea.

Dog-Friendly Restaurant

Many restaurants cannot allow dogs indoors because of health reasons but, during the summer, many restaurants open outdoor patios where dogs are allowed. Going to a restaurant with your dog can be a very enriching experience and it is a great way to socialize your dog. Many dog-friendly restaurants also offer snacks and food specifically for dogs.


Bringing your dog to a pool can be a great way for them to cool off on a hot summer day. While most community pools do not typically allow dogs in the water, some have “doggie days” when dogs are allowed to swim in the pool. If your community’s pool doesn’t offer this, many dog daycare facilities have pools specifically for dogs. If neither of these is an option for you, read the next paragraph.

DIY Water Park

Creating your own water park at home is easy, fun, and convenient if you don’t want to take your dog out. There are many things you can buy to put in your “water park”, including kiddie pools, sprinklers, and other common water toys for kids. You can also purchase a step-on sprinkler that sprays water when your dog steps on it. You can set these up in your yard and watch your dog have a blast in their personal water park! 


Fundraising with your dog is a great way to spend your day and support a good cause. You can go door-to-door in your neighborhood or set up a stand at a busy park or plaza with your dog to help raise funds for a cause you are passionate about. Having your dog with you can help convince people to donate, especially if you are fundraising for a shelter or animal-related cause. 

Drive-in Movie

Does your dog like to watch movies with you? Well, taking them to a drive-in movie theater would be an excellent outing. During the summer, there are a lot of drive-in movie theaters and organizations that offer outdoor movie nights. This is not as vigorous as some of the other activities we’ve mentioned in this article, so it’s a great option if you and your dog prefer a more relaxing way to hang out together.

Obstacle Course

Creating an obstacle course for your dog is a great way to exercise your dog both physically and mentally. Not only is this activity a great way to exercise your dog, but it also allows you and your dog to work together and build a good relationship. 

Depending on your dog, you can create a course that is more physically or mentally stimulating. If your dog is athletic and agile, you can add lots of jumps and turns into your course. If your dog isn’t very athletic, you can add more puzzles and enrichment activities. These can include walking over different textured objects (like bubble wrap and plastic bags), searching for treats in a box filled with crinkled paper (to make it more difficult), and climbing onto high surfaces (like a box). The possibilities are endless! 

Now that you have some ideas of awesome things to do with your pet, you can start planning to make the most of your summer!

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