Handcrafting accessories

for the adventurer in you and your dog





black dog wrapped in a cozy blanket to warm him in a cold snowy winter


cute dog eating from ceramic bowl

Camera Straps

Poop Bag Dispenser

A socially

responsible collection
In our current context of globalization, we’re often left wondering where our products are made and in what conditions. With “Ta ib”, there’s no guesswork involved: the accessories and products of this colorful collection are made by a women’s cooperative in Mexico. Ethical buying can be that simple… and that beautiful!

No cruelty

towards animals
We make accessories for pets, not from pets. The leather we use is completely synthetic and vegan. To show our love and appreciation for all the animals that brighten our lives.

Upholding cultural

The foot loom, the arm loom, the treadle loom… the Mexican tradition of weaving and bright colors shine through with this collection! Let yourself be transported into the land where the warmth of the sun accompanies you, in each step of your walks, in each smile, in each heartwarming moment of togetherness


a non-profit organization
When creating a new product, we create our vision of the world around us. Our vision includes not only better products for our four-legged friends, but also a fairer, better world for all. That’s why 10% of each product sold from this collection goes to a non-profit.
Indigenous mexican woman weaving on a backstrap loom

More than just a product, we offer your pet the experience of a lifetime.

A lovely experience with you in it, of course!

Every product in our Ta ib Collection will create priceless moments with you and your furry friend.

  • Walk your dog outside knowing you’ve contributed to our cause. Rich culture and stories through handmade products.
  • Supports the families of strong women in Mexico
  • Cruelty-free products, guaranteed!
  • Unique designs that allow for your dog’s personality to shine